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PWC29 | nBill PayPal Invoices

Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC29 : Xitranets© "PayPal Invoices" Application

nBill PayPal Invoices Features :

  1. Built-In PayPal Invoice Payment Facility.
  2. 'Ad Hoc' Invoicing.
  3. Your Logo on Invoices.
  4. Sales Tax Set-up.
  5. Currency set-up.
  6. Income total reports.
  7. Offers 'Pay By Mai' alternative to PayPal & other payment options.
  8. Other Banking 'Payment Gateways' available (At extra cost).

nBill includes Buillt-In :

PayPal Payment Gateway.

nBill 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

Through nBill you can create invoices which 'Members' can pay 'On-line' through your Supa-Site©. You can also send 'Payment Links' via Email to your Supa-Site© 'Members'. 

Your Supa-Site's© 'Members' can then 'Login' to your Supa-Site©, view their 'Invoices' through their 'My Account' option on their 'Member Menu' then pay those invoices On-line using the built-in PayPal© payment gateway.

You don't have to create a client record, nBill includes support for billing someone on a one-off basis (ad-hoc) even if they are not a 'Member' of your Supa-Site©.  

Frontend : 'Member' nBill > PayPal Invoice payment sequence :

You can create invoices with an unlimited number of line items. You will need to have a PayPal account with a 'Merchant ID' to use this Application. Setting up this Application & a PayPal© account is not difficult. Details of how to use this Application are available to Supa-Site© Owners through their Supa-Site© 'Type' Homepage after product purchase.