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Xitranet© "ArtMart"



Need Ideas ? Need Creative Input ? You've Got It !

Creative Content 'On Demand' !

As you progress along the Supa-Site© content creation process you may find you need some specialzed input. Xitranet© members can access our 'ArtMart' service through the Administrative 'Backend' of their Supa-Site©.

Xitranet's© "ArtMart" service offers Members on-line access to :

  1. Graphic Design Services
  2. Illustrators & Logo Designers
  3. Photographers (If there are any listed in your area)
  4. Software Programmers (If you need a special feature developed for your ProWebsite©)
  5. On-Line Marketing Specialists (To optimize your ProWebsite's© traffic)
  6. Copywriters (If you need to add some "sparkel" to your verbage !)
  7. And other specialist support services (If & when you need them !)


 Action & Protection :

How Does 'ArtMart' Work :

Like an on-line auction, 'Sellers' (Called 'Freelancers') 'Bid' for the work requested through 'ArtMart'.

You, the Supa-Site© Owner as 'Buyer / Client', create a new 'Project' in 'ArtMart' outlining the work you need done, your timeframe & budget range for the 'Project'. From the Seller ('Freelancer') 'Bids' you receive you choose the 'Seller / Freelancer' you consider best for your job (Based on price alone, or on quality, or on any combination of criteria).

Once you have selected a 'Bid' you pay a percentage of the agreed 'Bid' amount for the task into an independent on-line Escrow account to show good faith.

Once your funds are in the Escrow account the 'Seller / Freelancer' knows he/she will be paid once the work is done & approved. The Escrow account holds your funds until you approve the suppliers work. You approve the Suppliers work through the Xitranet's© ArtMart system. Once you have approved the 'Seller / Freelancers' work the Escrow account pay's the 'Seller / Freelancer'.

Internet Escrow :

The concept of internet based Escrow has been around since the beginning of Internet auctions and online commerce. It was one of the many developments that allowed for trust to be established in the online sphere.

As with traditional Escrow (typically used in real estate transactions), internet Escrow works by placing money in the control of an third party ('ArtMart') in order to protect both 'Buyer / Client' and the 'Seller / Freelancer' in a transaction. When both parties verify the transaction has been completed as per terms set, the money is released. If at any point there is a dispute between the parties in the transaction, the process moves along to dispute resolution. The outcome of the dispute resolution process will decide what happens to money in Escrow. 

When using internet Escrow, first the party buying the product (You, the Supa-Site© Owner as 'Buyer / Client') sends the required payment to the Escrow service, who verifies that the payment is valid and for the specified amount. The service then contacts the 'Seller' (The 'Freelancer') and asks that 'Seller' to undertaken the requested task. Once the you notify the Escrow service that you have received the service as specified, then the service releases the payment to the Seller.

In this way, internet Escrow prevents the possibility of both the payment and the product being in the hands of one party at any point during the transaction, helping to eliminate any type of reneging by either party. internet Escrow provides a safety net for both parties.

Buyers enjoy the benefit of knowing that their payment is protected from theft and will only be released when they have received the service they ordered. Sellers don't have to worry about bad cheques or other invalid payments and don't have to be concerned about fraudulent claims of Buyers saying that they never received their goods or service. An Escrow service also allows for the flexibility of different payment types and provides protection for personal information like credit card numbers.