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Supa-Site© Maintainance

Supa-Site© Maintainance :


Beware The Danger Within : Know Your Enemy !

Maintaining You Supa-Site's© 'Applications' :

Many of the "Applications" included within your Supa-Site© are "Semi-Intelligent".

Semi-Intelligence can be good, but it can also be bad. In the context of software (Your Supa-Site's© 'Applications'), the term "Semi-Intelligent Application" broadly describes an "Application" which "Calls Home" every time you access the 'Backend' of your Supa-Site© to see whether there is a new version of itself available for download.

These "Semi-Intelligent Applications" can be thought of as being like cute, dumb, cuddly puppies. They are always there, trying hard to please by offering to update themselves, always wanting to offer you "New Features" so you'll love them even more - BUT - an un-authorized 'Update' to a Supa-Site© 'Application' can have fatal consequences !

Why ? Unfortunately, 'Application' developers have a bad habit of 'Modifying' or 'Enhancing (Changing)' the internal format of their Applications when they release an 'Upgrade'. Your Supa-Site© is created from a selection of high-performance "Applications" which have been carefully woven together to provide specific functionality. These subtle interconnects are not known to the standard 'Application', thus any small changes the developers may make to an "Application" in an "Upgrade" can be fatal to your Supa-Site©.

Our motto with respect to "Application Updating" is : "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" !

Correct Supa-Site© Updating :

When an 'Update' to an 'Application' included within your Supa-Site© is required for any reason (Security, performance etc) Xitranet© will post a message in on your 'Xitranet Member Home Page' & send you an Email. Those message will give you full instructions on how to apply any 'Update' to your Supa-Site© & any other changes you may need to make to your Supa-Site© as a result of installing that 'Upgrade'.

Backing Up You Supa-Site© :

There are only two important tasks you need to perform to keep your Supa-Site© safe:

⬤  Back It Up Now

⬤  Back It Up Again

Included within every Supa-Site© Type is a "Supa-Site© Backup Application". For peace of mind you should 'Backup' your Supa-Site© AT LEAST once a week. If you do many on-line transactions you would be wise to 'Backup' your Supa-Site© once a day.

Backing up your Supa-Site© will typically take less that a couple of minutes. Your Supa-Site's© 'Backup' Application is pre-configured to offer you the facility to send your backups to a remote server ('Amazon S3') for safe 'Off-site' storage. If the worst comes to the worst (Eg: 'Hosting Server' crash - it happens!) you can typically 'Restore' your Supa-Site© from your most recent 'Backup' in around an hour. You can also easily download your 'Backups' from your Supa-Site© to your PC for safe storage.

Full instructions for 'Restoring' your Supa-Site© from a 'Backup' are included within your 'Supa-Site© User Manual'