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Supa-Site© Hosting

Supa-Site© Hosting Package :

Supa-Sites© Types | 'Hosting' Package :

A Supa-Site© 'Hosting Package' is for Clients who:

  1. Don't have an existing Website.
  2. Don't have a 'Compatible' exisitng website 'Host' :

'All Supa-Sites© Types' are available with our optional 'Hosting Package'. If you don't have an existing website or your current website is 'Hosted' with a 'Hosting Provider' who's 'Server' is not Supa-Site© 'Compatible', you need to choose a Supa-Site© with a 'Hosting Package'.

Xitranet© Standard Supa-site© 'Hosting Package' :

Every Supa-Site© needs to be located on a 'Compatible' 'Hosting Server'. The 'Hosting Server' stores your Supa-Site© & provides public internet access to your Supa-Site©.

Our standard 'Hosting Package' consists of 12 months worth of 'Server Hosting' for your Supa-Site© on a secure server with a guaranteed "99.5% Uptime" plus one ' .com ' Domain Name' registration (If available).

Xitranet© is not a 'Hosting' Company. Our business is designing & installing Supa-Site's© on 'Compatible' 'Hosting Servers' operated by reputable & reliable 'Hosting' Providers.

Transfering An Existing 'Domain Name' To A New Supa-Site©:

If you already have a website & you are Upgrading to a new Supa-Site© we can transfer your existing 'Domain Name' to your new Supa-Site©. To do this all we need is access to your the current 'Domain Name' 'Name Server'. Normally this is not a problem & access details for your current 'Domain Name' 'Name Server' can normally be easly obtained from you current 'Hosting Provider'.

When you purchase a Supa-Site© that includes a 'Hosting Package' we :

  1. Create a 'Server Hosting Account' for you in your 'Supa-Site's© Entity Name' (Eg : If your Supa-Site's© 'Entity' name where 'Joes Diner LLC' we would create a 'Hosting' account for your Supa-Site's© in your 'Supa-Site's© Entity Name' : Account Name : 'Joes Diner LLC') with one of our preffered 'Hosting' Providers.
  2. We attempt to register one ' .com ' 'Domain Name' for your Supa-Site© in that 'Supa-Site's© Entity Name' (Eg : If your Supa-Site's© 'Entity' name where 'Joes Diner LLC' and your preferred 'Domain Name' where 'www.joesdiner.com' & if that Domain name where available, then we would register that 'Domain Name' in your 'Supa-Site's© Entity's Name' - 'Joes Diner LCC').

Having both your 'Server Hosting' & 'Domain Name' accounts in your 'Supa-Site's© Entity Name' means that if you sell your business you don't need to go through the complicated process of transfering ownership accounts into the new owners name, which saves both time & money.

Annual renewal notices will be automatically sent to the 'MasterUser Email Address' of your Supa-Site© by the service providers. Xitranet© is not involved with & has no fiscal interest in the 'Domain Name' account renewal process.

If you already have a 'Hosting' Server account or would prefer to have you Supa-Site© installed on another 'Hosting' Providers Server, choose a Supa-Site© 'Type' 'Version' that does not include a 'Hosting Package'. Please see the 'Minimum Technical Specification' section below & also read our 'Hosting Compatibity' information page for more information on what constitutes a Supa-Site© 'Compatible' Hosting Server.

Minimum Technical Specificaton :

Minimum Technical Specification For A Supa-Site© 'Hosting Provider' :

Below is the 'Minimum Technical Specification' for successful Supa-Site© installation on any 'Hosting Providers' Server :

  • Apache/2.4.4 (Unix) or higher
  • PHP Version 5.4.16 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0.10 or higher
  • Zend Scripting Language Engine enable
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1e enable
  • mod_perl/2.0.8-dev Perl/v5.16 enable
  • cURL 7.30.0 support enable
  • DBA support enabled
  • DOM/XML enabled
  • GD Support enabled
  • Hash support enabled
  • IMAP c-Client Version 2007e or higher
  • SSL Support enabled
  • JSON version 1.2.1 or higher
  • Soap Client / Server enabled
  • Sockets Support enabled
  • XML Support active
  • XML Namespace Support active
  • libxml2 Version 2.8.
  • XSL enabled

To determine if a 'Hosting Provider' has the capacity to 'Host' your Supa-Site©, 'Copy & Paste' the above specification into an Email & send it to your 'Hosting Provider' for compatibility confirmation.

Also have your 'Hosting Provider' confirm that you can add Email addresses to your 'Domain' & that they can provide you with 'Username & Password' access to your 'Domains' 'cPanel' (Control Panel) Application on their Server (Xitranet© needs 'Domain' 'cPanel' access in order to install a Supa-Site© & setup Email addresses).