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LocalNEWS© Supa-Site© :




Xitranet© 'Community News Publishing Platform / Website'

Xitranet© 'LocalNEWS' Supa-Site :

Local Media Organisations : You've got the team, the skills & contacts, now expand your existing media activities onto the web with our 'Local News & Community Website Plus Ad Server' package & become the media & internet 'Hub' of your Community.

Xitranet© 'LocalNEWS Supa-Sites' are ideal for Regional & Local Media organizations looking for a way to leverage their existing systems & media product into the internet market.

Introduction :
The ‘LocalNews Publishing Platform’ is a suite of interlinked web based software packages, operated by us in conjunction with an established ‘Local Media Partner’ (LMP) who wishes to enhance their existing media product by adding both an internet news delivery system & a range of new, local ‘User’ orientated, internet based services.

How Does ‘LocalNews’ Work ?

    1. By displaying locally relevant content to ‘Users’ via an internet connected Desktop PC, Tablet PC or modern Smartphone.
    2. By allowing approved ‘Users’ to act as 'Reporters' & create relevant 'Local News' content.
    3. By allowing subscribing ‘Advertisers’ to Create their own ‘News’ & Advert content.
    4. By ensuring that our ‘Local Media Partner’ has total control over the publication / release of both ‘User’ created ‘News’ & ‘User’ submitted ‘Advertising’ material.

For The Public :

The general public ( ‘Users’ ) have shown by their uptake of services such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’& ‘Youtube’ that they have a great interest in ‘News Creation’ (Both ‘Personal’ or ‘Commercial’) & that they have mastered the tools necessary to do the job ( Use of their ‘Smartphone’ & PC ! ). The Xitranet 'LocalNEWS' website allows approved Users to act as 'Citizen Reporters' & create their own 'News Stories' (All uploaded 'News Stories' must be approved by an 'Editor' before publication).

For The Advertiser :

For ‘Advertisers’, ‘News’ means important ‘Time Critical’ information which is directly related to their commercial activities and of high value to interested ‘Users’ ( Eg : When you need a Fridge fast you want to know what’s available today & where to go to get it right now ! ). The Xitranet 'LocalNEWS' website allows subscribing 'Advertisers' to upload their own 'Banner Adverts' & create their own commercial 'News Stories' (All uploaded 'News Stories' must be approved by an 'Editor' before publication).

For The Publisher :

Xitranet's 'LocalNEWS' website is based around the concept of 'Job Roles' - job types that will be familiar to all local & regional publishers and which mirror traditional media tasks.

  1. Editor Role : Edit & approve all 'News Stories' & 'Editorial Special Features' quickly via the websites 'Frontend'.
  2. Journalist Role : Create automatically formatted new stories for multiple 'Categories' in the 'Frontend' (Cut & Paste content & images from other sources into 'News Stories' or create original content).
  3. Advert Supervisor Role : Organize, publish & un-publish User supplied 'Banner Advert' content via the 'Frontend' (Upload 'Banner Adverts' into website 'Advert Zones', link to externally stored 'Banners Adverts' etc).
  4. Accounts Role : Review & process 'User Subscriptions', Add / Remove 'Account Customer' status, amend 'Subscription rates & durations' etc.

Standard Xitranet 'LocalNEWS' website features :

  1. 'News Sections' With 5 News Categories'Publishers Own' news section, 'Citizen Reporter' section, 'Retail News' section, 'Sports News' section & 'Social News' section.
  2. 'Shopping Section' With 14 subscription based pre-set major shopping 'Categories'.
  3. 'Service Guides' With 6 major subscription based sections ('Trades', 'Professionals' etc.) each with multiple pre-set sub-categories.
  4. 'For Sale Classified Advert' Section with 10 pre-set sub-categories all with 'Bid / Buy' functionality (Moderated).
  5. 'Jobs & Projects' Section. 'User' 'Job & Project' listings, Portfolio upload & storage, 'User' bid on 'Projects' or apply for 'Jobs' (Moderated).
  6. 'Events' Section. 'User' created 'Events' with linked 'Venue' details & calendar display plus (optional) bookings facilities (Moderated). 
  7.  NEW  'Crowd Funding' section. 'User' created investment / donation 'Projects' (Moderated).
  8. 'Editorial Special Features'. 13 pre-configured 'Editorial Special Features' including 'Christmas Feature'. 'New Year Feature', 'School Holiday', 'Spring', 'Summer', 'Autumn' & 'Winter' etc.
  9. 'YouTube©' video & 'FaceBook©' profile linking feature built in to every 'News Story'.
  10. 'Click To Call' for more information feature for Smartphones built in to every Member created 'News Story'.
  11. 'Member Profiles' featuring 'Member Business Overview', 'Member Events', 'Location Map', 'Member News Story' index & Smartphone 'Click To Call' feature (Private individual Members can choose to have a 'Member Profile' or not). 
  12. 'Account Customers' Grant valued exisiting Clients 'Account Payment' status allowing them to 'Subscribe' to services as needed & be billed for those services through your exisiting billing system.
  13. Pay For Service Options : Most features of the Xitranet 'LocalNEWS' website come pre-configured as 'Free to the User' services, but many can be easily switched to fee based services if required. 
  14. Integrated PayPal© payments system for secure, off-site payment processing for casual advertisers / customers.
  15. Xitranet Website Sales : Generate extra revenue by retailing Xitranet website to local clients.

Connect Your Local Community Now !

The Xitranet 'LocalNEWS' website is designed to become the 'Hub' of your connected on-line local community, feeding news (Via RSS feed), information, advertising & services to other local Xitranet Supa-Sites (And other 3rd party enabled websites).

Get It While It's Hot : In today's connected world yesterdays news just doesn't cut it ! The ability to quickly retrieve the latest news then display such information on any modern internet connected device ( Desktop PC, Tablet PC &/or Smartphone’ ) is vital.

The Xitranet ‘LocalNEWS’ Publishing Platform :

Right For Publishers, Great For Users !

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