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Gen3 Supa-Sites

Gen3 Supa-Sites© | Due For Release Early 2019 :

In responce to user requests for easier 'Data Entry' & even faster website load times, we are proud to announce the '3rd generation' of Xitranet © Supa-Websites. These new 3rd generation Supa-Sites© retain all the 'Functionality' of earlier versions but will now also offer many new features including :

  1. 'Frontend' Data Input for 'Article Creation' via custom input forms.
  2. One click Access to 'On-line Image Editor' for easy photo preperation during 'Article Creation'.
  3. Simplified Supa-Site© 'Frontend Setup'.
  4. New advanced 'Content Display' control for Smartphone & Table PC.
  5. New Multi-level indexing structure for improved performance & information access.
  6. Built-in link to your Xitranet 'LocalNEWS' service for local community interactivity.

There has never been a better time to get your website updated & on-line. Contact Xitranet© now, order your 3rd generation Supa-Site© & be amongst the first to experience the performance and ease of use offered by our diverse Supa-Site© range. 


Your Supa-Site© Automatically Links To Your 'LocalNEWS' service (If you choose to enable that link), allowing 'Users' to jump seemlessly from 'LocalNEWS' service to your website for more information, bookings, sales etc.


(Above : New Supa-Site© Look, Smoother & More Adaptive Than Ever)





 Most Gen3 Supa-Sites© Will Have The '$99 Get Started' Option !

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