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Supa-Site© Integrated Application :


PWC44 : Phoca Downloads - File & File Downloads Application.

This Application integrates with your Supa-Site's© 'Higher Membership Levels' to allow you to control who can download what from your Supa-Site©. You use this application to allow 'Users' to 'Download' items such as your 'Corporate Brochure', current pricelist or any other information you wish to make available to your 'Users'.

Phoca Downloads "Control Panel"

Xitranet© has pre-configured Phoca Downloads to control access to file downloads utilizing your Supa-Sites's© standard 'Higher Membership Levels' User Groups (Eg: "VIP", "Platinum", "Gold", "Silver", "Registered" & "Public").

Phoca Downloads is organized around the concept of download 'Categories', with each download 'Category' associated with one particular Supa-Site© 'Higher Membership Level' User Group (There is also a pre-configured 'Category' for 'Public/Guest' downloads).

Because each Downloads 'Category' relates to one particular Supa-Site© 'Higher Membership Level', only Members of that 'Membership Level' can 'Download' files in that 'Category' (Eg: Files in the Downloads 'Category' 'VIP Downloads' can only be downloaded by 'VIP Members' & so on).

You can 'Upload' & add the same common interest files (Such as 'Our Terms Of Business' or your 'Monthly Newsletter' ) to multiple Download 'Categories' if required.

Backend : Phoca Downloads 'Categories' Tab Showing 'Pre-Configurted 'Categories' :


Below | Frontend Downloads Display : The example below shows the 'Frontend' Downloads Screen as it would appear to a 'Logged In' 'Gold Member' of your Supa-Site©. 'Gold Members' are also 'Registered Members' & members of your Supa-Site's© 'Public' User Group and as such a 'Gold Member' would see all available Downloads for each of those three 'User Groups' categories.


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