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PWC34 | Xitranet’s© 'Free Events' Booking Application | “PBEvents©”

PBEvents 'Admin' 'Control Panel' : 

The 'PBEvents" Application :

'PBEvents' allows you to take on-line 'Bookings' for 'Free Events' ('Free Events' means 'No Fee To Book' events). Events could include events such as Product launches or Seminars) where a "Maximum" number of 'Tickets' are available. PBEvents 'Counts-Down' the number of 'Tickets' available as every 'Ticket' is 'Booked'.

Your Supa-Site© is pre-configured to use the 'PBEvents' Application in conjunction with a special 'Content' Category called 'Free Events'. Your Supa-Site's© pre-configured Content Category 'Free Events' has been set-up as a 'List' Category, specifically as a place to store 'Free Event' information.

The 'Free Events List Category', when accessed from the 'Frontend' of your Supa-Site© simply displays a 'List' of all the 'Event' Articles stored in that 'Category', with the newest 'Events' atthe top of the list & so on.

PBEvents Features:

  1. Simple Event creation.
  2. Easy to include images & text in 'Event Descriptions'.
  3. Backend monitoring of 'Event Ticket' requests.
  4. Automatic Email sending to ticket recipients.

PBEvents 'Frontend' 'Event List' :