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Supa-Site© Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. Why Are Supa-Sites© without a 'Hosting Package' more expensive that Supa-Sites© that include a 'Hosting Package' ?

A. Unfortunately we know from experience that installing Supa-Sites© onto an existing 'Hosting Server' always involves more work that a fresh install onto a new 'Hosting Server'. It takes extra time to gather all the information required to upload & install a Supa-Site© & there always seems to be problems even with 'Hosting Servers' that claim to be 'Supa-Site© Compatible'. Unfortunately, time is money.

Q. Can I change the look of my Supa-Site© ?

A. Yes, you can ! Our Supa-Sites© 'Templating' structure allows you to change the color scheme (Light background to dark), add a colored background, add background pictures and much more. In fact each Supa-Site© comes with 20 pre-configured 'Styles' from which you can choose the basic 'Look' of your Supa-Site©.

Q. I already use Adobe© Photoshop©, do I have to use your free photoeditor ?

A. No, you don't ! If you already use Photoshop do don't need to use our free photoeditor.

Q. When I get my Supa-Site© I won't have anything prepared, how do I prevent visitors from seeing my half completed website but still have access for testing ?

A. Every Supa-Site© comes with a built-in 'Coming Soom' feature which will have been activated by us before you take delivery of your Supa-Site©. This feature displays a 'Coming Soon' screen to Visitors with a 'Countdown' (In days - a period which you can specify but is set by us to 30 days). You can access your Supa-Site© by adding a 'Welcome Word' to your Supa-Sites© access URL (Eg: 'www.yoursupasite.com/index.php?welcomeword'). When you are ready to 'Go Live' you simply disable the 'Coming Soon' feature. Your pre-configured 'welcomeword' is included within your Supa-Site© Purchase Confirmation Email.

Below : 'Coming Soon' Screen

Q. I want to display just one image on my 'Frontpage', do I have to use the 'Frontpage Slideshow' ?

A. No, you don't. If you just want to use just one static image or picture on your 'Frontpage' that's OK. There are 2 possibilities :

  1. Create your image at the correct size, then create a 'Custom HTML' Module in the 'Backend' of your Supa-Site©, Give that 'Custom HTLM Module' a useful name (Eg : 'Welcome to our website'), insert your image or picture into that 'Custom HTLM Module' & 'Publish' it to the 'Slide1' template 'Position' & 'Save'. Full details can be found within your Supa-Site© User Manual'.
  2. Recommended : Use 'Frontpage Slideshow' to display your image/photo. Advantage : 'Frontpage Slideshow' will ensure that your image/photo re-sizes & scales itself correctly when displayed on any mobile device or Tablet PC.

Q. How do I get a 'Help Desk Subscription' ?

A. Every purchase of either a 'Get Started' or 'Full Version' Supa-Site© includes a 30 Day 'Help Desk Subscription'. If you need help after your included 'Help Desk Subscription' has expired you can purchase as much extra Help Desk time as you need on-line using PayPal, when you need it. The idea is that you purchase 'Help Desk' time as needed - don't need it - don't pay for it !

Q. In The Future, Can I Add Extra 'Applications' To My Supa-Site©?

A. Yes, Supa-Site's© can be retrospectively updated to include additional 'Applications' BUT adding 'Applications' to an existing Supa-Site© is time comsuming & thus can be expensive. It is far better to think through what you may need in the way of functionality in the future & purchase the appropriate Supa-Site© version at the outset.

For example, you may decide that in the future an 'On-line shop' might be a great way to expand you business, if so purchase a Supa-Site© version that includes an on-line shop & simply 'Disable' your 'On-line Shop' until you are ready to use it & so on.

Q. Can I Order Extra 'Applications' For Inclusion With My Supa-Site© When I Purchase ?

A. If you cant find the exact mix of 'Applications' you need in one of the 15 standard 'Types' of Supa-Site© then we can add any additional 'Applications' you may need to your selected Supa-Site© 'Type' at extra cost by quotation.

Q. Where's Your Facebook Page - How Can I 'Like' You ?

A. Well spotted ! Its hard to beleive, but we don't have a Facebook page. Right now, we're a little to busy to get involved with Facebook but as we have been asked this question many times, I guess we will have to get around to doing something about it soon (We figure that if you 'Like' us you'll tell you firends anyway !!).

Q. How Do Supa-Sites© Work On 'Mobile' Devices ?

A. For the 'Tech Minded' - Supa-Sites© use special custom background "CSS' (Cascading Style Sheets) featuring a selection of '@media' statements to control display on 'Mobile' devices. We use 'Screen Width' rather than 'Device Type' to control mobile layout. In most cases this approach tends to works better on older Smartphones.

Q. You've Changed Some Of Your 'Apps" - Why ?

A. Yes, we have ! A few old favourites have gone (Eg : 'Akeeba Subs' & 'Hoodum Help Desk') & have been replaced by new 'Apps' with more features & better integration. This is a natural progression. Don't worry, the old 'Apps' will still be supported.

Got A Specific Question ? Then please use the 'Ask A Question' option to enquire & we will get back to you with an answer ASAP !