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Supa-Site© Industry Group : Trade Professionals


The Xitranet© "TradePro©" Range Of Professional Tradesperson Supa-Sites©

Designed for 'Trade Professionals' wanting to extend & expand their businesses 'On-line' - Including 'On-line Service Appointment Bookings', 'On-line Service Quotatations', 'On-line Product Shop' & more.

TradePro© Supa-Sites© incorporate a range of Applications & Functions which make Expanding Your Business On-line both Easy & Fun.

RoomChief© Supa-Site© | Version Feature Comparison

'Professional' Vs 'Deluxe'

Both Supa-Site© 'Types' described below offer superb functionality & a full range of 'Integrated Applications'. The 'Deluxe' Type offers additional 'Special Applications' which increase website flexibility & add the possibility of tapping into addition income streams which could be generated through your Supa-Site©.

To select the 'Type' that's right for you, please consul the 'Feature' list below & the 'Short Product Description' for each Type (below), then Click that 'Types' logo for full 'Product Description'.

Special Apps

TradePro© Types :

Supa-Site© Type Short 'Product Descriptions' RoomCheif© Deluxe

The Xitranet© TradePro© 'Deluxe' Supa-Site© :

The Xitranet© 'TradePro© Deluxe Supa-Site©' adds extra performance & income generating features to the rugged 'Professional' version - Including the addition of 'On-line shop' & 'Sales Lead Management' plus other useful extras.

The TradePro© 'Deluxe' Supa-Site© adds extra power to the 'Professional' version of TradePro© & features 'On-line' 'Quotations', 'Appointment Bookings', 'Sales Lead Management' & 'On-line Shop'.

Supa-Site© Type Short 'Product Descriptions' RoomCheif© Professional

The Xitranet© TradePro© 'Professional' Supa-Site© :

The Xitranet 'TradePro Supa-Site©' takes trade service provision to the next level & allows operators the opportunity to interact with their Customers & take appointments over the internet 24/7.

The TradePro© 'Professional' Supa-Site© has been developed to provide Trade Professions with an Easy To Use tool, providing On-line Service Quotations & On-line Appointment Bookings 24/7 .

To proceed Click a Supa-Site© 'Type' logo ('Deluxe' or 'Professional') above to read full 'Type Product Description'.