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The 'Brandnames' of most Supa-Site© 'Types' are self explanitory. Some Supa-Site© 'Types' have two versions, 'Professional' & 'Deluxe'. 'Deluxe' versions include extra 'Special' & 'Core' Applications which increase that Supa-Site's© 'Types' functionality. To select a Supa-Site© 'Type' by 'Function' or by 'Profession', please Click one of the following :

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Supa-Site© Brandnames

Room Bookings & Shop
Room & Equipment Booking
CRM, Quotes & Events
Group Coupon Buying
On-Line Shop & Subscriptions
Employment Agency & Events
Advanced Ticket Sales
Personal Supa-Sites©
Appoints, Quotes & Events
Property Sales & Rentals
Item Sales & Rentals'
Restaurant Table Bookings
Social Networking & Shop
Franchise Local News & Community
Appointments, Quotes & Shop