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Xitranet©Supa-Websites :

Under The Brand Name 'Supa-Site©' Xitranet© Supplies A Range Off 15 'Industry / Profession' Specific, Pre-Formatted, 2nd Generation, Mobile Enabled Websites 'Types', with 'Versions' suitable for existing website owners wanting to upgrade & versions for Customers who currently don't have a website - You've go to love that !

Yes,You Can Take Control Of Your On-line Future & grow your business on the internet now with a Supa-Site© ! 


Supa-Sites© Are Easy & Simple To Setup & Use, Fun To Maintain & Are Not Expensive

Gearing up for the Internet used to be an option for businesses, Now its a nessesity ! In the past, when the Internet was less important, it was "OK" to reply on outsiders for website content creation & updating - but not anymore. In today's high-speed On-line world 'Customers' expect so much more, and they what it right now ! Make them wait & they're gone !

'Mobile Enabled' out-of-the-box, Supa-Sites© give you cost effective control of your on-line future ! 


Your Supa-Site© will display beautifully on Desktop PC's, Tablet PC's & Smartphones, automatically adapting is configuration & selecting which 'Content' to display based upon the device being used to view your Supa-Site©.

Coming Soon :

'Bitcoin Payment Method' In Gen3 Ecom Online Shops !

Link Into 'LocalNEWS' :

Become A Part of Your Local 'On-Line' Community' : Supa-Site© operators can participate in their local on-line community by activating the 'LocalNEWS Connect' feature within their Supa-Site©.

Take Control :

Supa-Site© Product Range :

15 'Industry Specific' & 'Personal Use', Pre-Formatted Supa-Site© 'Types' To Choose From :

Good For Business :

Why Get A Supa-Site© ?
Are Customers Important To Your Business ?

As more & more Customers use their 'Smartphones' or 'Tablet PCs' to access the internet, so mobile 'Connectivity' & 'Device Responsiveness' becomes highly important to every business operating an website.


Every Supa-Site© is 'Mobile Enabled' out of the box.

Is Sales Growth Important For Your Future ?

It is estimated that sales of both products & services via the internet are growing at a compounding rate of around 15% p/a. So no matter whether you operate locally or globally, sell products or services, the internet will be a growth market for you in the future.


Supa-Sites© are designed to make 'Internet Commerce Easy'.

Is Repeat Business Important For Your Profitability ?

'Rewarding' your loyal Customers with 'Member Level Discounts', 'Member Level Special Offers' & access to 'Member Level Only Services' & Information greatly increasing the prospects for repeat business from your Customers.


Every Supa-Site© offers '5 Member Levels' as standard.



More Xitranet© Supa-Site© Features :

'Profession / Industry Specific' Interactivity & Functionality !

Are 'Responsive' & 'Mobile Enabled' As Standard !

Can Be Fully 'D .I .Y' or Include A 'Creative Package' !

Come With 'Special', 'Core' & 'Integrated' Applications !

Come With Downloadable PC based 'Content Creation' Tools !

Come With '100 Page User Manual' & On-Line 'Tutorials' !

Come With '30 Day Help Desk Subscription' !
Offers Versions For Individuals As Well As Businesses !

Are Easy To Setup & Maintain !

'Get Started' Versions For Most 'Types' Just $99 !


Cost Effective Pricing :

Sounds Good But What's The Cost ?


Supa-Site© prices start from just $299 for a 'Full Version' of the 'MyPro© Personal' website installed on an existing 'Compatible' Hosting Server, to a maximum of around $1400 for a top of the range Supa-Site© in a package which includes 12 Months Server 'Hosting' and $500 worth of 'Creative Content' production time !

Good News ! Most Supa-Sites© 'Types' have a $99 "Get Started" version available. For just $99 you can get your hands on a fully functioned "Get Started" version of your preferred Supa-Site© 'Type' to experiment with before "Upgrading" to a "Full Version" of that Supa-Site© 'Type'.


Your Next Step :

So, What's Next ?

Learn About How Supa-Sites© Work :

Learn about the basic concepts & organizational principals which underpin the operation of your new Supa-Site©. Learn how we use pre-formatted 'Customer' & 'Staff Member' 'User Groups' to add interactivity, control access & maintain security.

Browse Supa-Site© 'Types' :

Supa-Sites© are available in a range of over 15 different 'Industry Specific' 'Types' (Eg : 'RoomChief© Supa-Site©' for Accommodation Bookings, 'TradePro© Supa-Site©' for Trade Professionals etc). You can select a Supa-Site© 'Type' by 'Brandname', 'Profession' or 'Function'.


Control At Your Fingertips :